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Current Year - 2018



The M’Ladies are back for another year of fun and frivolities after the holiday break.  Lunch at Club Macquarie was a perfect venue to catch up and share our latest news with each other over lunch and discuss more options to add to the new program. New members Sue and Jan were welcomed into the chapter. (View pictures on the Gallery)


Most of the gaps were filled until August for our regular 1st Thursday gathering, with a few spaces for those inevitable “great ideas”  on other weeks.


The first adventure, the SIGN POST RALLY with lunch at THE POYERS, Lemon Tree Passage will no doubt be lots of fun, rallies usually bring out the mischievousness in us all.

Another opportunity to car pool will be in May to MONARCH’S IN THE HUNTER which houses a private collection of British Royal Memorabilia.  The proprietor Jan suggested there will be new items on display following the birth of the 3rd Royal baby to Kate and Will in April, as well as “THE Wedding”.  Lunch at The Pottery Hotel will complete that day.


Venues for luncheons so far noted include: Mary Ellen, The Beaches, Sails, Awaba House, Doyalson RSL, Babbingtons, with extra activities incorporated for some activities.


A special light lunch will be at Cherry Road Nursery where the owner (relative of Kris) will give a talk. Movies at Stockrington private movie house will be held later in the year and in November we are considering attending an actual Melbourne Cup event as Red Hatters.


Here’s to another great year!


The Sign Post Rally to Lemon Tree Passage was down on numbers, but high on laughs.

Two cars headed off from Warners Bay and stopped at Saxbys Cafe for coffee and to pick up Margaret.  Passengers (sort of) directed the drivers  in between lots of chatter and answering their questions, and at the end of the journey gathered at The Poyers, which is built over the marina. 

Guest, Valda from LTP, joined in for lunch and for a few hours we chatted and discussed future M’Ladies activities and lots of other topics before heading home.


The next activity was a movie night at the Boolaroo Theatre to see Finding Your Feet.


Lunch at the Mary Ellen was well attended with hostess, Ann adding some post Easter touches with eggs on the table.

We enjoyed the chatter around the table and the meal was well received. It is a popular venue amongst women with many other groups of ladies present o
n the day.

Valda and Kath were wished Happy Birthday.


Monarch’s In The Hunter was an interesting activity viewing the collection of British Royal Memorabilia. 

Proprietor Jan had suggested May as it would include new items following the birth of the new Royal baby to Kate and Will, as well as Harry & Megan’s wedding.  There was lots to see and the tour included morning tea served on lovely bone china. 

The Rathmines RH  group was also present.

Maureen was the hostess for the day and was thanked for organising the car pooling and lunch after at the Potters Hotel and Brewery.|

Numbers may have been down for the lunch at The Beach Hotel, but everyone had  a great time catching up on news and travel stories.  The iconic hotel at Merewether has become a favourite for both location and the menu. 


We almost had a full contingent of M’Ladies at the 16fts Sailing  Club at Belmont.  Built over the water on Lake Macquarie, this is a very pleasant venue to spend a few leisurely hours.

It was certainly quite busy, a very popular spot for all ages and the bistro had a great selection of meals.
The few hours passed quickly with a lot of news shared around the table. Birthday gals Rosalynd, Pauline and Maureen were wished the best for another great year ahead.


We wandered through THE COLISEUM ANTIQUES, MAYFIELD viewing the fascinating assortment of ‘antiques’  which was an interesting exercise.  We spent some time looking at the vast collection of bits and pieces, with some making a purchase or two.  It certainly bought back lots of memories for us all.  Pauline was thanked  for suggesting the venue and hosting the day.

Then it was a short stroll across the street to The Beauford Hotel which offered very good service and everyone enjoyed the conversation over lunch about the many items we had viewed and  “what we use to have”, or in some case "still have"!


The morning tea at the CHERRY ROAD NURSERY was a very relaxing day, with the bonus of some yummy morning tea choices, as well as lunch for those that were able to linger  Plus, everyone went away with the knowledge of propergating cacti and their very own starter pot.  Kerry was the lucky winner of the lovely pot, which was the demonstration planter.

Thank you Kris for the opportunity to meet some of your family and enjoy the morning sunshine in the lovely surroundings. We all had lots to chat about and the morning passed quickly.


Margaret bought Kris’s dot painting  from the art sessions held last year which had been framed. It was beautiful!

Catherine bought her grand daughter's Mini Mouse bag (a genuine one  from America) for Pauline, who has it on loan as part of her Minni Mouse outfit she will be wearing in Mudgee in coming weeks. Catherine also  showed off her restored Egyptian necklace, purchased at the Coliseum.

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