Sharing our adventures

2013 - 2015



Another year dawned and after a planning session for 2013 sessions at the Royal Abode we set off again for another year of adventures.


Sals is always a favourite café and we met there for February. In March Carol hosted a lunch at the Olive Branch at Hamilton where we supported the unemployed. Kerry and Rosalynd also hosted their St Patrick’s Day with everyone getting into the spirit of the Green theme with great green food, fun jokes and games.  M’Lady Sew’n’Sew hosted a luncheon at the 16 Footers and before we knew it the Easter break had come and was gone in a flash! 


Lunch at the Royal Abode and the ABC ACTIVITY was a casual day with lots of great outfits.  As always everyone was very imaginative and got into the mood.  We had the quilt and the badge rug, a number of different “Bag Ladies” – multiple, batik, jewellery, gift and travel, the tablecloth, a ladybird and that blue dinosaur!


We enjoyed an earlier than usual dinner at Tafe during April followed by Ten Pin Bowling, Cheese and Wine Tasting at the Inner City Winemakers, Lunch at Poppys Nursery, High Tea at WOW, a Bandanna Barefoot Bowls Day and Breakfast with the Birds at the Wetlands which all included an essence of fun.


And what can we say about Rosalynd’s How to Host a Murder, held at Pauline’s Manor. This was certainly a night to remember!!


Rosalynd worked on the profiles which allowed us the opportunity to act like crazy women as we played our parts.  We all dressed up 1920/30’s styles (think Charleston  – bling, pearls, fringes, furs - glam evening dress).  Anything “over the top” was acceptable!!  A few “weapons” were bought along by the guests on the evening.  That is was a broach/pin thingy that created the need for the ambulance to call was a great shock to us all. (A neighbourly ambulance officer literally came as per pre arrangements by Pauline to add to the whole scenario).  Everyone dressed played and played their roles so well.

An extension of the story lines was the Boutique Eight.   Pauline had a fabulous collection of clothing for all to take.


The following was the description of one member’s part:


I am  is still finding it hard to cope finding out that my anger was projected at Lady Estelle when she was NOT even Lord Wilfred's wife - just one of his many "missies".    No wonder she gave me the brush-off when I asked her for money after my dear departed hubby was killed on the docks when he was loading coal for Lords Wilfred  - the International Banking, Mining  Magnate's company!  To come to know that Lord Wilfred was actually Dame Vicki's husband.. well!  ......what can I say!!

 I wonder if I could approach the real Mrs Lord Wilfred Arthur Sebastion for money for compensation of my husband's death as it was due to the lack of safety  ... Maybe I could wield my most precious letter opener at her, bought on that day that you were so kind to offer me the  position of manager at Boutique Eight.  I actually had it in my handbag in case I may have gotten the chance to speak with Lady Estelle again.   But then again I think I need to move on from all the horrific discoveries about THAT MAN.

Thank you for your kindness in allowing me to be the manager of your Boutique Eight.  I am going to just love the new items you allowed me to have out of your sale stock.

I have included a snap of those present at your dinner so that if and when the police come they will probably take one look at the amount of work in front of them, to interview everyone present, and decide it was an accident when Lady Estelle fell on her hat pin thingy.  If Lady Estelle  had been better at making her bed and keeping her room tidy while a guest in your home she may not have come to such a sticking"" end. 

That's my story anyway. 




We again all looked our best for our 7th Anniversary and Xmas celebrations held at the Crown Plaza Seasalt Restaurant.

The 2014 calendar mentioned a variety of activities starting with the planning day at the Royal Abode and onto the morning teas and many lunches, some with themes such as “Butterflys” – held at a venue called Butterfly Café, where we welcomed M’Lady Catherine.


The ladies join with over 500 locals for a High Tea to support Cancer Research at Wests and also attended the local Tafe and (again) enjoyed their silver service meal.   The Westpac Helicopter and tour of their basewas a fascinating event.


A trip to the Hunter Botanic Gardens was followed up with soup and damper at M’Lady Tom Cat, Margaret’s new home.  It was a chilly and foggy day but the spirits were not dampened as they enjoyed the lunch looking out onto her beautiful garden. The sun did shine by the end of that event.


M’Ladies enjoyed their coffee tour when they learnt about the correct way to select, roast and prepare coffee and those that who journeyed to Gosford to join with the Roving Rubies for lunch come away knowing more about other groups and how we all function in different ways.


The ladies attended a most unusual theatre activity, hosted by Ann. “Through These Lines”, was a tribute to nurses who served in World War 1, which was a most enjoyable and thought provoking presentation held in the dungeon of Fort Scratchley in Newcastle.  There was also movie nights, one at the restored historical Regal Theatre, an old world cinema house with all the charm of the era.


A visit to the historical Tanilba House was the highlight activity for the year. From start to finish – it ended up being a daylong event, so enjoyed with stop offs for morning tea and also lunch after the tour of the home.


The M’Ladies are always a sharing lot even when travelling. During this year Precious Purple Purl, Kerry, Mylady Nellie Melba, M’Lady Roamalot, Carol, Deep Purple Lover, Maureen and M’Lady Sue send back commentary news and photos while overseas. Silver Gypsy, Pauline always kept in touch while travelling in her motor home, Belle. 


The M’Ladies Birthdays were celebrated in different ways, cards were exchanged and cupcakes were presented, with some given an extra special treat.


As always if was another fun-filled and packed year.


For 2015 M’Ladies put up their hands to some host activities during the year at our  planning session. The end of year report noted:


The February lunch was held at The Beach Hotel, hosted by Vicki.

For March Margaret hosted the morning tea at the Heritage Gardens before a stroll around the Maitland Art Gallery.  

Catherine organised the Easter activity at Sals with a prize going to Rosalynd for the best hat. And a return visit to WOW for an evening fashion parade was a great opportunity to come away with some nice items from the great selection of clothing, accessories and jewellery.  We appreciated Sue booking this April function.  Robyn L became an official member of the group, having been an invited guest many times in the past.


Nellie’s trip to Gresford during May was changed due to the floods and inclement weather, so an impromptu lunch at the Burwood Bowling Club gave the M’Ladies an opportunity to support the club during its final days of trading.


We appreciated Diana arranging the TAFE dinner in June (and also for continuing to maintain the scrapbooks of our event memories since the chapter commenced).  The staff were again praised for their presentation of the 3 course meal which is always exceptional value.


Also during June Ann organised a lunch at The Gates and Lexie hosted a Ten Pin bowling event. And what fun was had by all! Lexie was most kind in providing chocolates for rewards for various “strikes” as well as cup cakes for morning tea – discreetly handed out as food is not supposed to be taken in!  Gayle was the overall winner. She managed to overtake Lexie who was in front most of the game. Everyone adjourned for lunch next door to Warners at the Bay.


And before we knew it July had arrived!!


A large contingent of M’Ladies gathered at Poppy’s Cafe at Whitebridge.  This activity was hosted by Maureen B.  Between the fun quiz and a few antics it was obvious that we still had our sense of red hat fun and frivolity.


Pauline excelled in her CWA - 50’s/60’s themed event held at The Manor.  After some disappointment that Margaret Fulton was unable to make the day her substitute, Diana, certainly make up for any shortfall with her cooking demonstration of traditional scones. It was certainly another fun day with all the M’Ladies getting into the spirit of things. The outfits and aprons were all very commendable. As always we had a great selection of food to share and prizes for everyone as well!


We added a movie day at Stockrington, followed by lunch at Minmi Hotel and our trip to Margaret’s lovely home at Raymond Terrace in August revealed some hidden talents amongst the M’Ladies when we were taken through some drawing techniques by Margaret.  We sat on the patio admiring the beautiful gardens and chatted and coloured in. The selection of still life creations were diverse and interesting,  as was the selection of  food from scones for morning tea, to any number of hot and cold delicacies.  We welcomed new member Kris, who showed her artistic flare.


We were thrilled to be able to celebrate Rosalynd’s “recovery” anniversary at the Servant’s Quarters at Morpeth.  What a quaint venue that was.  Food was delicious and the “pairs” quiz lots of fun.  From the invites to the decor on the day, it was a big effort on Rosalynd’s part which all went to making the planning and actual day even more special.


As the year come to a close Kerry hosted a picnic lunch in the ground at Awaba House which included bringing a decorated parasol.  The end of year and 8th Birthday party was held at Brown Sugar.