Sharing our adventures


OUR BEGINNING 2007 - 2009

It was a bright start to the M’Ladies’ 2007 activities. “With Butterflies On” was the month’s theme and all were decorated accordingly.  The early rise was considered worthwhile as the ladies took in the morning sun at Nobbys Beach, partaking of early morning fruit and juice with some following up with a hearty breakfast.  It was definitely a most colourful day.


After a few poses the breakfast plate was rung and when the taste buds had been quenched, the beach beckoned. M’Lady Kath DaVinci manned the tables and created her portrait “Red Hatters on the Beach”, while the others went for a stroll. The Life Saver explained the dangers of the ocean.


Throughout that year we held  a variety of monthly gatherings:


Everyone enjoyed the fun of the day at Anacapri at Toronto selecting who was who in photos bought along on the day, plus what was what in the mystery packages and who wore what of some adornments. Pauline was the winner with the most “Bling Bling”.  Every finger was aglow, not to mention all her other (borrowed) items.


Music & Lyrics was seen at the Glendale theatres for the Seniors Solace.


Music in the Podium with “Wine and Roses” for March was another memorable gathering. We were kept on our toes – so to speak - as we raised our left or right arm (or both) during a Wine quiz and then there were even more fine performances as we attempted to complete the cryptic Roses questionnaire.


We supported a Trivia Night held at Club Macquarie to support Cancer Research.

High Tea at the B&B at Fernwood catered for the senses as the home and gardens were quite enchanting and the service first rate. We all looked the part in our ‘dress-up” clothes and accessories.  After consuming the savouries we polished off the sweets, all served on the traditional 3-tiered plates and accompanied by tea in the eclectic collection of bone china cups.


The first of many TAFE dinners, organised annually by Diana, was enjoyed in May.  These become the anticipated repeat yearly event.


Other monthly events for 2007 included:

“Hearts”  - The Boulevard, Toronto & Lunch at Lena’s

Craft Day making garters for the visit to Tomago House for the “Edwardian High tea with a Writer”, plus morning tea at Cafe Macquarie.

“Mask of Disguise” – worn for the visit to Tomogo House while dressed in Edwardian outfits with garters – one of many special and memorable activities.  This theme also incorporated a pamper day with face masks and foot spas

 “Spring is in the Air” – Morning tea at Dolomitis and ice cream

 “It’s All a Mystery” – Coffee at Fuel, The Junction and a Mystery Coach ride to Morpeth, Maitland Gaol and Nelson Bay.

“Tis the Season”. We celebrated our first Birthday at Goldbergs with ladies bringing their teddy bears and we had a Christmas decoration exchange.  Drinks at the Royal Yacht Club, Toronto turned into dinner.  A great way to finish our first year!

We worked through the AMT reaching the letter “G”.


The planned “Fans & Feathers” Breakfast at Nobbys for the first activity of 2008 did not eventuate due to torrential rain for a number of days. Huzies at Lambton was the first Alphabet Morning tea venue where it was decided to Alphabet Afternoon Teas for an alternate option of the casual get together.

“Dancing in the Moonlight” in February incorporated a Crazy Whist evening.  We had the opportunity to admire the twinkling lights across the lake from Robyn D’s home at Marmong Point, and watched the full moon as it rose from the eastern horizon. Passionate Purple Purl, Madame Lash and Queenie got to “Dance in the Moonlight” to the great jazz being played.  And the Whist winner was?.....All of us crazies.


A small but artistic contingent of M’Ladies met at Nobbys and took instructions from M’Lady Kath DaVinci with divider templates and we created version of “our vision” with pencils and chalks. The weather was perfect and again we were reminded that Nobby’s is indeed a special location.  Feathers were freely worn for the March “Mardi Gras” theme. There were a number of interpretations of “Let’s be Gay”.



M’Ladies supported  International Woman’s Day at an evening of free short movies at Lake Macquarie Performing Arts Centre, followed by coffee at Lena’s.

“Let’s meet for drinks’ turned out to be a “let’s stay for dinner” at the Junction Hotel for the “Roaring 20’s”. The outfits impressed a lot of young folk and a handful of males!  A simple quiz was well received and we put smiles on the faces of members of the public.  All in all, another great gathering.


Behind the Disguise seen us off on a Grays coach to Sydney to see Phantom of the Opera, suitably disguised.  We had reached “K” for our afternoon tea venue by May of 2008 and also attended the paceway for an afternoon with other local Hunter Chapters.

For the remainder of 2008 activities included:

Wrapped with Love knitting morning at Awaba House where ladies knitted squares that were made into rugs for the needy. 


A Pamper Afternoon at Diana’s abode, a memorable affair where we learnt the value of mud…. to keep us young.


A Farwell Dinner held at Lena’s for Robyn, our first M’Lady to leave the area and Bon Voyage to Kath who was setting off for her 3 month overseas trip.


We saw a few movies throughout the year and in December, attended the Seniors Concert at the then, Panthers Cardiff (now Wests Cardiff) where Kath, Lynn and Robyn were performing and for the final activity of that year gathered at Speers Point Park for the Summer Solstice for some Circle Dancing, an invite by Pauline.  Those who attended must remember it well.  It was a balmy evening, but the clouds soon rolled in.  We had taken a shared picnic dinner but never got to eat anything there, as it was with much haste we packed up as it started to rain and headed back to the Royal Abode to enjoy our food and a chit chat as the storm rolled by.

During 2009 we again continued with our themes:

Busy Bees, Valenite’s, Blings the Go, Easter parade, Sound of Music, Arts & Crafts Favourite Foods, Let’s dance, RED-iculous Fashions, Supporting This ‘n That, Discover the World & Xmas Red Hat Style.

We had meals at Lea Rowans Nursery, Awaba House, Nobbys, Hippo Express, Chaddies, Bella Beans, Patchwork café,  Café 56, Poppys Nursery,  Caves Beach Hotel.

We had another Crazy whist event,  attended the Seniors Concert at the Civic Theatre, took a trip to Fort Denison, seen a play at the Old Rep Theatre, Lambton, had an Easter Scavenger Hunt at Warners Bay shopping centre and went to the movies at Glendale and Boolaroo. We also remember fondly the Movie night at the Royal Abode Theatre.

We welcomed Margaret to the chapter  and held our Xmas and 3rd Anniversary at Cave Beach Hotel which was again a lovely way to end the year’s program. Some struggled with the Christmas Carols quiz and we exchanged Christmas decorations that completed the evening.